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Helping you manage the people side of your business

Every business is different but one thing is the same; they all have people. There are times when that aspect of the business needs a HR expert. People issues and challenges can soak up a lot of management time; it is then that a devoted external resource is a cost effective solution.


I am an Independent HR Consultant. I have 28 years HR experience, 15 of those years spent in Consultancy. I work directly with clients who want current problems solved or need HR expertise to approach the future.

My approach is pragmatic and bolted firmly in reality. I do not become your partner or fit into your existing team. I am an external resource that gives you my full commitment and experience to tackle what needs to be done. It is my intention to leave you with a solution and improved HR skills. I have built my business on client referral.

It is my role to get to the heart of things; that means I will be challenging and forthright. It means that you have an independent voice and an objective view. You will always work with me; there are no assistants or juniors.

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